Welcome to my portfolio! For the first two pieces, documentation begins with a video of the performance, followed by a description, and lastly a link to the score.

The last work is a website, so there is a link in the description.

junior TIMARA recital - 2019


A fantasia for voice and 8-channel live electronics, 19 February 2019 Fairchild Chapel - Oberlin, OH

Music, text, concept, performance, engineering - Piper Hill

"How Can I Keep from Singing" tune and textual inspiration Robert Wadsworth Lowry

Cameraman - Calder Laban, Live Recording Engineer - Lam Chi Minh, Lighting Operator - Ben Saltz, Board Operator - Claire O'Brocta, Photography and Poster Design - Noah Hellman, Setup Help - Cait Boblitt, Claire O'Brocta, Sebastian Sanchez-Piotrowski, Video Editing - Piper Hill

Singers: Max Addae, Oli Bently, Marly Gonzalez, Helen Hé, Claudia Hinsdale, Andrew MacPhail, Kat Mazur, Allie Murillo, Philip Swigon, Sam White, Barnaby Woods

chamber quartet - 2019


A quartet written for and premiered during the International Music Festival of the Adriatic in Duino, Italy. This piece is based on excerpts from Arthur S. Eddington’s 1927 lectures on “The Nature of the Physical World”.

senior TIMARA recital - 2019

For the Birds

This is an installation in the hallway with glass cases of stuffed birds in the Oberlin College Science Center. In place of visiting the installation, you can enjoy all of the audio on this website, along with images of the birds to help you imagine that you are there.

Attendees of the installation visit 119 Woodland St., Oberlin, OH 44074, enter through the south entrance facing W Lorain St / 511, and go through the second doorway on their left off of the main hallway, equipped with a smartphone and headphones.