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Call for a ceasefire!

Here's what I've been up to in the past 3 years (a playlist):

Here are some pictures of me:

headshot House house_that_looks_like_me Headshot of Piper

Real Photo of Piper PowerPoint Portrait of Piper Sims 3 Portrait of Piper

Here's a little about me:

Hi! I'm Piper Hill (he/him), a performer/composer/theater artist/gamer from central Ohio, the traditional lands of the Myaamia and Kaskaskia people. Now I live on Munsee-Lenape land in Brooklyn. I make game musicals. By game musicals, I mean musicals that are games, games that are musicals or musicals that are made out of games. Under the guidance of César Alvarez, Ash Fure, and Will Cheng during my Masters in Digital Musics at Dartmouth, I realized that queer game musicals are what I was meant to be making.

Here's my Masters Thesis if you feel like having a goofy time.

Musical that is a Game:

In the fall of 2021 I wrote and workshopped A Show That Is a Game and Is Also a Party and Is Also an Elaborate PowerPoint Presentation — A Musical, and it’s exactly what it says it is. You can see a teaser trailer in the playlist up there, or watch the whole thing on my YouTube channel. I've made a lot of changes to it since then and look forward to more opportunities to grow this show!

Musical that is made out of Games:

I’m working on a machinima-movie-musical animated from of in-game footage of The Sims 3 & 4, where I play all the characters. It's called How We Came to Build the House that Looks Like Me. It will eventually be a YouTube playlist with videos released serially. Drafts of two of these videos are in the playlist above! I used to stream the process (building the sets, doing character design, etc.) on Twitch under the username eochaid_ok, and might start that back up soon.

Game that is a Musical:

I'm also making an RPG called small dragon that will have songs in it, so it's a musical too. It's about constructing a retroactive trans boyhood through artifact and fantastical and spooky mini-worlds, and also friendship and dress-up games.

In the meantime, I've also been Assistant Music Director/Score Supervisor for workshops of César Alvarez's Musical The Potluck, and Associate Music Director of and performer in their 2023 workshops and production of NOISE. I Co-Directed Olivia Shortt's 2023 performance of The Museum of the Lost and Found: gaakaazootaadiwag. I've also been gigging as a sound engineer and sound designer, and I teach afterschool STEM classes to elementary-schoolers. Some other things... I went to UChicago and Oberlin for undergrad, and my favorite non-creating activities include karaoke, hanging out with friends, watching cartoons, and playing video games.

Here are some links to things:

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